27 Tips to lose belly fatWhat to do about Belly Fat? Is now the time to do something about it? These 27 Belly Fat Tips may help.

What about weight loss surgery? Is it the answer? Think about why you want to lose your belly fat.

  • Is it because you want to look like a model?
  • Is it because you are tired of feeling fat and bloated?

Whoa, slow down. That just might not be any easier than creating a healthier way.

But, you say, it will be done by a doctor. Don’t doctors always do the healthiest thing? Yes, that should be the case. Yet, for the most part, all weight loss surgery does is force you to do what you should be doing anyway. Also, many of the digestive issues you are already experiencing will still be with you after the surgery.

For example: food intolerance issues may be worsened by the surgery. You may still have uncomfortable digestive issues with certain foods. Most likely your doctor will probably tell you to not drink carbonated beverages, not to eat fried foods, dairy, or spicy foods.

How about making the decision to take the steps to do something about your belly fat without going under the knife? Like I mentioned earlier, going under the knife is most likely just forcing you to do what you need to be doing anyway.

Here is a list of 27 tips that can help you get rid of most if not all of that belly fat without drastic surgery. These tips are not necessarily to be done in any particular order but are here for you to consider some or all.

  1. 27 Tips to lose belly fatWatch those calories but not too much. Yes, you do need to be aware of calories. However, cutting calories too much will only slow down your metabolism. Slowing down your metabolism will cause your body to slow down the rate you lose weight long term.
  2. Listen to your Mother or Grandmother, eat more roughage. Yes, eating fiber every day will help you feel fuller faster so when you listen to your body, you will stop eating before you overeat. Great sources of healthy fiber are vegetables; especially green veggies like broccoli, legumes, oats, nuts, avocados, and fruit like blueberries, apples, oranges. Fiber is key to reducing mid-section fat accumulation.
  3. healthy intestinal bacteriaKeep your bugs healthy. I’m talking about gut bacteria or intestinal health. Our intestines can be overtaken by bad bacteria because of eating too much sugar, taking over-the-counter or prescription drugs, stomach flu, etc. The ideal way to restore the healthy bacteria is to take a good probiotic that is coated so it will not break down until it reaches your intestines. You can eat plain (no sugar added) yogurt or kefir. However, they do have to pass through your stomach acid so many of the healthy bacteria will be destroyed before it reaches your intestines.
  4. Move more. Yes, I said move more or in other words, exercise. Not necessarily excessive but 15 to 30 minutes of cardio and muscle building exercise most days will do wonders for that belly fat. Walking at a good pace is a great belly fat cardio exercise.
  5. Replace one or two meals with a well-balanced protein shake. Protein is helpful by increasing your metabolism and reducing belly fat. It’s important to use a protein shake that has all 22 amino-acids and is not loaded with sugar.
  6. Eat some fat. Yep, some fats are considered healthy. Olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds all fit into this category. A note here: don’t go overboard but include in your daily diet.
  7. Stay away from refined, processed, packaged food as much as possible; especially breads, pasta, chips, and desserts. They are basically empty calorie carbs and loaded with things like sugar, corn syrup, and bad fats.
  8. Do some type of resistance training to build muscle. Often when you lose weight, part of the weight loss may be loss of muscle if you are not doing a type of resistance training.
  9. Take every opportunity to stand instead of sitting. Standing increases your muscle activation so will burn more calories while building healthy muscles. Sitting too much hampers your breathing and posture. Poor posture makes your belly fat more pronounced.
  10. Watch out for those liquid calories. Replace them with good, pure water. Liquid calories come in the form of soft drinks, fruit juice, lattes, beer, wine, and other sugary drinks. Don’t be fooled by diet drinks. They actually add fuel to the fire by increasing your craving for something sweet.
  11. Carbonated and icy drinks are also on the watch list for contributing to belly fat. They actually slow down your digestive system by destroying beneficial digestive juices that are naturally produced by your digestive track.
  12. Eat whole, single ingredient foods such as whole grains, nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish and unprocessed meat. Whole foods are loaded with nutrients, fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals. Ideally organic, farm fresh food is best but don’t use their unavailability or cost as an excuse to not eat whole food instead of packaged food. Frozen veggies and fruit are the next best thing to fresh.
  13. Don’t forget to drink water. Water will help increase your metabolism, will make you feel fuller, will relieve constipation, and reduce belly bloat.
  14. Eat some protein with your healthy carbs as well as a small amount of healthy fat. Your body will accept the nutrients by absorbing and utilizing them better than stand-alone carbs. That salad for lunch needs some protein and perhaps a few slices of avocado or some nuts or seeds. More calories are burned when digesting protein than carbs. I do caution against the imbalance of some high protein and low carb diets.
  15. Relax… eat slowly and enjoy your food. Eating fast will set you up for eating more and developing digestion issues by inhaling air along with your food.
  16. Along with relaxing, focus on not being stressed out about every little thing. Stress and boredom can easily lead to eating even when you are really not hungry. Stress can also lead to eating too fast.
  17. Keep a food and drink diary for at least a month. This will give you a good idea of areas you may need to make positive changes. Don’t stress about this but look at it as a tool to help you reduce your belly fat. There are several apps online that can help you track your food and drink intake. www.myfitnesspal.com www.loseit.com www.fatsecret.com www.cronometer.com www.sparkpeople.com These apps all have a free version as well as a paid version. The free version is adequate for most people.
  18. Consider eating eggs for breakfast. They are nutritious, will stick with you longer than cereal, and are a great waist reducer.
  19. Get adequate sleep. Ideally 7 ½ to 8 ½ daily for adults and 10 hours for children. Studies have shown that generally people who get less sleep will have a tendency to be obese or have a larger than normal waist size.
  20. Eat fish regularly and it’s a good idea to take a quality fish oil supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce fat in the liver and in the stomach.
  21. Reduce or limit added sugar. Even if you do not add sugar to food directly watch for it as a hidden ingredient in many foods. Examples: fruited yogurts, some peanut butters, packaged mixes, crackers, breads. Sugar is a huge contributor to belly fat.
  22. Portion sizes are critical to any well-balanced diet… how much you eat of any one food does make a difference!
  23. Limited amounts of unsweetened coffee or tea (especially green tea) may help burn that belly fat.
  24. hold back on alcohol caloriesHold back on Alcohol. It is very high in calories. Ounce for ounce beer has as many calories as those sugary soft drinks and red wine has twice that amount.
  25. Sneak in some extra activity. Of course, we’ve heard that we should take the stairs instead of the elevator… there is a lot of truth to that. Park farther away from where ever you are going. Why search for close parking when you can sneak in some extra walking. Stand up and walk around at least once per hour, especially if you have a sit-down job. Save money and do your own housework or yard work.
  26. Supplement your digestive tract with a quality, natural hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Take away the misery of indigestion and that belly bloated feeling before it starts. These digestive supplements will help with the utilization and absorption of the nutrients you take in thus will contribute to reducing your waist size.
  27. Skip these aisles in the grocery store: cookies, candy, chips, soft drinks, boxed cold cereals, junk food. Keep those foods out of the house… you won’t be tempted.

Like I mentioned earlier, stay away from weight loss surgery as there can be ugly side effects. Even if you do have the surgery, you will have to apply most of the above 27 tips to your lifestyle because you’ll be forced to. Just do it without the misery and expense of going through surgery.

Which of the above 27 tips do you struggle with? I do pretty good on with the majority but do have to admit the ones I struggle with are numbers 9, 15, and 19. I probably sit too much, eat too fast, and my sleep time is not always adequate. I’m working to improve those.

What is holding you back from applying the above 27 tips to losing your belly fat in a healthy way?

Be informed and stay proactive in taking care of your health!

Remember: Your Health is A Reflection of What You Eat and Who You Are!


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