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Happy Digestion Top Down

There are 6 stages of nutrition. Each stage must work well in order for all the other stages to work. I often hear about people treating the tunnel or waste disposal site before they take a look at how things are working above.

Nutritional Digestion from the top:

  1. Diet
  2. Digestion
  3. Absorption
  4. Circulation
  5. Assimilation
  6. Elimination

Let’s look at the 6 stages of Nutrition one by one and how they relate to Digestion which is the 2nd stage.

Diet has to do with our food choices.

Those choices have a lot to do with just how healthy we are. Most of us know that a steady diet of junk food and fast food can be a burden on our health. What are some common signs that our food choices may need some adjustments?

Discomfort somewhere in the body after eating a particular food can certainly be an indication of a poor food choice. A few examples are listed below:

  • Heartburn, excess burping, bad breath, or a bloated feeling can indicate your stomach may be having trouble digesting a particular food in the stomach area… many people have trouble digesting milk products so may experience a bloated feeling in the stomach after drinking a glass of milk, eating cheese, or ice cream.
  • Pain anywhere; such as a headache, tummy, or joint pain… an example of this would be getting a headache or your joints aching after consuming a rich, sugary dessert… this could be immediately or hours later!
  • A skin rash, redness, or swelling can indicate a minor or major allergy to a particular food… it seems we are seeing lots of problems with children being allergic to peanuts. This can be serious so seek medical help immediately in this case.
  • Frequent colds, sinus infections, and susceptibility to contacting various flu bugs floating around can mean that you need to clean up your food choices
  • Allergies of most types are typically a sign that your immune system is on overload… this can mean that you need to not only clean up your diet but also eat immune building foods
  • Frequent intestinal distresses such as constipation and/or diarrhea can be caused from poor food choices
  • Obesity is usually a combination of poor food choices, over consumption of those foods, too many yo-yo fad diets, Digestive issues, and a need to lead a more active life style
  • The presence of one or more chronic diseases in your life is most generally a good indication of poor food choices… this can be anything that involves inflammation and auto-immune function like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, skin problems, mental distress, and even cancer
    • Obviously there can be other factors involved in any of the above mentioned health issues; but food choices should be among one of the first things to consider
    • I am often very frustrated when people only seek relief from the discomforts of their health issue rather than seeking the underlying cause. Covering up symptoms is big business in the medical business world. Do not take this wrong; doctors and medical practice has its place in making us more comfortable, reducing symptoms, and even saving lives. However, often their focus is not on finding the cause or cure except for stitching up an unexpected injury or mending a broken bone.
  • digestion-food-chronic-disease-nutrition-patmoonOf course, food choices reflect on Digestion.

    Digestion is just inside the front door of your food choices when it comes to nutrients. If your body is unable to properly break down the food you eat, all that good food will not be utilized. Just about everything vital to life with the exception of oxygen enters your body through the digestive tract.

    Your Digestive System is so totally amazing – it is really a Miracle!

    Here are some amazing miraculous facts about Digestion:

    • Your stomach can produce up to 2 quarts of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in minutes; yet this can take hours in a laboratory.
    • Your pancreas performs a series of chemical feats which today’s scientists simply cannot reproduce; even with the most advanced equipment.
    • The miracle of digestion starts the moment you put food into your mouth. You produce between 1 and 2 quarts of saliva a day and enzymes in the saliva immediately begin breaking the food down. These enzymes are especially effective against starchy foods… you may have noticed that a piece of bread will sometimes just seem to melt in your mouth. Chemists have created fluids to break down starch; but the process takes longer and is less efficient than what occurs instantly in the mouth.
    • Mucus secretions in the esophagus speed your chewed and partially digested meal on its way so it remains in the esophagus only about 10 seconds. The production of mucus is a trick that even the best biological engineers and chemists are not capable of doing.
    • Digestion swings into high gear in the stomach. About 35 million tiny glands pour out the digestive juices, hydrochloric acid (HCL), and pepsin. Think about this… the stomach weighs only about 4 ounces yet it can produce a quart or 2 of this extremely potent acid every day. Miraculously, the thin mucous lining of the stomach prevents the HCL from digesting its own self. Once the foods are broken down, they are moved on in a gruel-like form into the small intestine.
    • This is where the amazing pancreas goes into action. The pancreas makes a quart or two of an enzyme soup that is dumped into the upper intestine; neutralizing the acid, breaking down proteins into amino acids, converting starches (carbohydrates) into simple sugars, and fats into fatty acids.
    • Further on down, the liver produces bile which is stored in the gallbladder and is squirted into this mixture at the rate of about 1 or 2 quarts per day. It contains components which finish dissolving fats for absorption further down the track.
    • The proteins, fats, and sugars along with vitamins and minerals are then absorbed through the villi receptors of the small intestine, and enter the bloodstream.
    • Lining the mucous walls of the small intestine like a moss covered cave are friendly bacteria which manufacture certain B vitamins and assist in digesting our food at that level.
    • The large intestine is the last stop in the digestive process. It recycles the last of the salt and water; and stores the remaining bulk material until it is ready to be eliminated from the body as waste.

    digestion-digestive-disease-reflux-allergy-GERD-IBSSo you can see… the Digestive Tract is a marvelous system that serves us well for many years, furnishing pleasure as well as sustenance for a busy life. However, when things go wrong, we can be in for Big Trouble!

    Check in for the next blog… Fire in the BasementTrouble in the TunnelDisaster at the Dump! Don’t miss all this exciting stuff!

    Be informed and stay proactive in taking care of your health!

    Remember: Your Health is A Reflection of What You Eat and Who You Are!


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    Have happy, healthy Digestion!



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