RepublicanI was so proud of my pretty new “I Like Ike” button. It matched my red coat I wore to school that day in 4th grade.

When I got home from school, Daddy asked me where I got that button. I told him and he told me to take it off immediately and never wear it again. I was crushed. It was such a nice button and I was so proud of it.

That was my very first introduction to politics. The year was 1952. There had been a whistle-stop type speech at the vacated railroad depot in the little country town where I attended school in northeastern New Mexico. My 4th grade teacher had allowed our class to walk to the depot to hear the speech.

The only thing I remember about that speech was that it was promoting Dwight Eisenhower for President of the United States and they gave me my “I Like Ike” button. I knew nothing about Democrats or Republicans. I really knew nothing about politics, it had never attracted my attention before.

Republican-IkeAfter Daddy told me he absolutely did not want me to wear my new pretty button; I did find out that he did not want Dwight Eisenhower for President. I had no idea why at the time. Later I learned a little more about politics and that Dwight Eisenhower was a Republican. That experience helped me always remember Daddy’s political party. He was a Democrat.

The next election I remember was when John F Kennedy was elected in 1960; the fall I was a Senior in high school. He was a Democrat yet Daddy was dead set against him because he was a Catholic. We were Southern Baptist and no way did Daddy want a Catholic President. As far as he was concerned; that was the very first step toward Socialism. Socialism was just one little step away from Communism. I knew we did not want to be a Communist Country as we would lose all our freedoms.

The first year I was able to vote was in the 1964 election. (That was when we were required to be 21 years old before we could vote.)

Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat was running against Barry Goldwater, a Republican. This was only a year after John F Kennedy had been assassinated.

President Kennedy’s assassination was a scary time for me. I had only been married a little over 2 years and was a new mother. My very first thought was that we were being taken over by Communist Russia. They were the biggest threat to our country at that time. I thought we would probably be in war soon.

So when it came time for us (my husband and I) to register to vote in 1964; we studied both the Democrat platform and the Republican platform. Our conservative beliefs led us to register as Republicans even though I remembered that Daddy was a Democrat.

Even though Daddy was a Democrat; I recall that he often committed that he did not vote for either a Republican or a Democrat. Evidently he tended to vote for a 3rd party candidate most of the time as he always had trouble aligning himself with the 2 main political party candidates.

In a nutshell, my husband and I determined that during a political campaign; the Democrats told people what they wanted to hear, while the Republicans told people what they needed to hear.

We’ve always believed that we would vote for the best person whether Democrat or Republican. Yet, ever since 1964; we have not been able to vote Democrat because they continue to only tell people what they want to hear not what we need to hear to have a strong country that follows the Constitution of the United States.

the-constitution-is-the-guide-which-i-will-never-abandon-GeorgeWashington“I support preserving and abiding by The Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution was written by people who put their faith in God with the idea that all people are created equal. I believe our freedoms come from God and no person or government can infringe upon them. Our Constitutional from of government has overseen a nation that became the greatest and most free country in the history of the world. Our founders created a system of checks and balances with 3 separate branches of government to protect this nation. (This includes The Supreme Court whose job is to rule on the laws of the land; not to make law.) We must continue to protect these liberties and freedoms guaranteed to us by The Constitution if we are to continue being the great United State of America.”

…adapted by me from the New Mexico Republican Party platform

Yes, I’ve evidently been a Republican since I was a little girl in 4th grade. I loved my “I Like Ike” button.

“The Constitution is the guide which I will never abandon” ~ George Washington ~

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