How does Zinc affect Men’s Heart, Prostate, and Reproduction Health?

Zinc is Critical to...Mens HealthIt is one of the most important essential minerals and is an especially critical nutrient for men. You may be thinking; what’s the big deal with zinc and why should men pay particular attention to it?

Here are 3 ways zinc supports optimal nutrition for men:

Heart Health:

Zinc fights for your Heart Health!Heart Disease is the leading cause of death among men; but can be prevented in many cases with diet and lifestyle changes. There is evidence that zinc can have an influence on inflammation. Inflammation plays a direct role in the health and function of the heart. Chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes all involve inflammation. It has been found that when zinc levels are low; the inflammatory cells in the body are activated. Low levels can promote more inflammation in the body. This suggests that when poor nutrition leads to zinc deficiency; the risk of developing chronic inflammation is high which leads to many chronic diseases.

Prostate Health:

Prostate Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death among American men. The Prostate gland has 10 to 15 times the level of zinc concentration than other tissue in the body. Its levels tend to drop when cancer is present in the gland. Some research suggests that ensuring adequate zinc intakes may help prevent the cellular damage that leads to prostate cancer. Because it is critical for maintaining the health of prostate cells; adequate levels in the prostate ensure the cells are less likely to transform into malignant cancer cells. Early detection and prevention is key. When you hit age 50 (or 45 if you have a family history or are African American), be sure to talk with your doctor about prostate cancer screening.

Reproductive Health:

ZINC for mens reproductive healthZinc plays an important role in reproductive function by participating in the development of sperm cells, ensuring the sperm can move, protecting from DNA damage, and increasing sperm count. In fact, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study conducted in the Netherlands in 2002 demonstrated a 74% increase in total sperm count in individuals supplemented with zinc. It may also play a role in regulating testosterone levels, which are important for sexual health as well as energy and memory.

In addition, to the above benefits, zinc is also vital for growth, development, neurological function, immune function, healing, metabolism, and overall cell health. All cells use this mineral at some level. Because zinc is an essential mineral (which means that your body cannot produce it) and has no special storage system in the body, you must consume enough in the diet or from supplements each day. However, be sure not to go overboard as in excess it can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients such as copper. The RDA for adult men is 11 mg/day.

chelated zinc for cellular repair, metabolism, and a healthy immune systemZinc has been proven to reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms. It supports healthy reproduction and energy metabolism, normal prostate function, and the healing of wounds. NeoLife Chelated Zinc provides high-purity and high-potency zinc, plus natural amino acid chelation for improved absorption.

The body needs zinc to make DNA, RNA, insulin, dozens of critical enzymatic reactions, facilitate immune response, cellular repair and renewal. It is vitally important for healthy skin, connective tissue and normal prostate function.

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